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  • Generate Rapid, Profitable Growth to Fund Your Desired Lifestyle.
  • Make Your Business Run WITHOUT You. Enjoy the Freedom to Choose How to Spend Your Time.
  • Stay Sane, Focused & Fulfilled Despite the Challenges that Life in Business Throws at You.
We're committed to providing you with the direction, confidence and tools you need to develop the right entrepreneurial mindset and skill-set to achieve rapid success.
Here's Everything You Need to Know About This Program
This 1:1 coaching program guides you through a customized, proven business-building process to keep you accountable for achieving your goals.
1:1 Business Coaching Sessions
You'll set up an agreed schedule of personal 1:1 sessions to give you laser-focused business guidance & hard-hitting accountability. These sessions are designed and customized for your your goals, your growth & your success.
Unlimited Email Mentoring
When you're motivated, your mind is always on overdrive. Never let a schedule hold you back from your growth potential. You'll have UNLIMITED access to your coach via email between sessions.
FREE Access to Group Support
You are who you spend the most time with. It's all about surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. You'll have access to our exclusive Facebook Group of motivated people just like you to share stories, ideas and grow with.
Call Us Today: 585-203-9249
Call Us Today: 585-203-9249
Your Success Starts With Foundation
A Customized Plan to Fit Your Specific Needs
Experience Growth
Sales & Marketing Strategies to Rapidly Grow Your Revenue & Profit
  • Strategic Direction: Clarify your business goals and core strategy, so you and your team know exactly where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.
  • Drive Growth: Identify the 3 primary drivers of real growth in your business, so you can focus on the highest-value growth strategies.
  • Generate Leads: Select advertising channels that best reach your target market and craft marketing resources that transform prospects into leads
  • Convert Leads into Sales: Implement trust-building strategies that give leads the confidence to buy and skyrocket your conversion rate.
  • Grow Customer Value: Apply powerful retention, up-selling & referral strategies to create high-value customers for life.
  • Action Plans: Implement practical, step-by-step action plans to bring your growth strategies to life.
The Path to FREEDOM
Organization & Systems strategies to make your business run without you
  • Strategic Direction: Clarify your business goals and core strategy, so you and your team know exactly where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.
  • Organize Roles: Design an organizational structure that kills role confusion by outlining which jobs must get done to achieve success & who’s responsible for them.
  • Create Crystal-Clear Expectations: Clarify the tasks & expectations for each job, so everyone knows what’s expected and can perform to their potential. 
  • Design Bullet-Proof Systems: Create delivery systems that work seamlessly every time, no matter who’s operating them, so they no longer depend on you.
  • Build Accountability: Set up a management & reporting system to create staff accountability and ensure your finger is always on the pulse, even when you’re not there.
  • Enroll Your Team: Enroll your team in the systemization process, motivating them to help you achieve your goals.
How Do You Get Started?
Step 1: Free Strategy Session

Access a free 30 min (no-obligation) strategy session to assess your needs, provide practical advice and determine a plan for where to focus your energy to achieve your goals. If you haven't done this yet, access it here now.

Step 2: Choose Your Coaching Schedule

Depending on how fast you want to go, you can choose our Group Program (2x group coaching sessions per month), your own custom 1:1 Growth Program or your own custom 1:1 Accelerated VIP Program.

Step 3: Kick-off Your Coaching Sessions

We'll commence our coaching sessions via online meeting technology so that you can participate from wherever you are. All you'll need is a computer with a camera, a mic and a decent internet connection. In each meeting, we'll introduce a new element of the program and begin its application. Between meetings, you’ll complete a 2-3 hour task and apply it to your business - don't forget, you'll have unlimited access to your coach via email and our private group for any questions.
Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

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Call Us Today: 585-203-9249
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I have to apply for the program?

We take our consultations very seriously and only work with people who are committed to developing and bettering themselves. We want to be able to provide YOU with the attention and detail you deserve to make sure you get the most out of this investment.

Are there any long-term commitments?

No. Not for the Achiever or Accelerated Program. You can cancel either of these programs at the end of each month if you choose! The VIP program is a minimum 12 month commitment and typically paid in full upfront.

How long will the core program take to complete?

It all depends on how fast you want to go. Each consultation is customized based off your own particular needs. We can work together to determine a plan and timeline that will work best for you and your business.

How many hours a week will this take?

We typically recommend that you spend around 2 hours a week (at least) outside of our coaching session. You could easily knock it off over the weekend, early mornings or late nights! Everyone is busy. Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day...it's the ones who MAKE the time that find true success.

Will my billing and credit card information be secure?

Absolutely. We use a fully encrypted platform via Stripe, complete with SSL certificates.

Does this program actually work?

This program works for anyone who puts it to good use. If you're implementing the tools and processes we provide you throughout this program you WILL find yourself further than you have ever imagined you'd be. We provide you with the education, the tools, the coaching AND the accountability you need to be successful. It's up to you to take action and put in the effort. Only apply if you're serious about bettering your situation!

Call Us Today: 585-203-9249
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